Winter is just around the corner here in Colorado and around the country, and that means colder temperatures, snowfall, ice, and more cold. Love it or hate it, every homeowner or commercial property owner should take the time now to prepare their roof systems for the coming weather changes. A little bit of extra preparation now could save you from some unpleasant roof repairs in the dead of winter. Here are three ways to keep your home and roofing safe all season long.

  1. Clean Your Gutters
    Buildup and debris on your roof and in your gutters could cause ice damming once cold temperatures hit. If snow repeatedly melts and freezes on top of your roof without a way to drain, it will become stuck and weigh heavily on your roofing. Be sure to clear off leaves, branches, and any other kind of debris from your roof during late fall, or hire roofing contractors to do it for you.
  2. Get Inspected
    While cleaning your roof or gutters, keep an eye out for any sign of loose, missing, or damaged tiles. Have an annual inspection scheduled for before the first snowfall to make sure that there aren’t any leaks or weak spots where your roof may be vulnerable to damage. Even flat roofs should be inspected for hail damage or holes that might need repair before the winter weather sets in.
  3. Check the Attic
    Proper insulation and ventilation in your attic space can make a huge difference to your home heating costs during the winter months. As much as 40% of indoor heat loss occurs through the attic, but you can prevent unnecessary losses by ensuring that your insulation is up to par. Additionally, proper ventilation is key for preventing mold or residue buildup on the interior structure of your home.

Don’t let Old Man Winter get the best of you this year. Protect your commercial and residential roofs alike by taking the time to properly winterize your home before the season starts. For the best advice on how to keep your property safe, call in our local experts at Advanced Roofing Systems, who have been dealing with Denver winters for more than 35 years.