Colorado’s altitude makes it a welcome place for getaways, outdoor lovers and residents craving low humidity and moderate, gorgeous weather. However, along with the elevation comes higher ultraviolet light rays, which can be damaging not only to your body, but to your roof as well. Knowing the risks of high UV can help you prepare and prevent issues down the road.

The Risk of High UV Light in Colorado

At an elevation of 5,280 feet, Denver is at the mercy of higher ultraviolet rays than most. Because there is less atmosphere for the sun’s rays to pass through, the Mile High City is right in the line of more intense radiation. This stronger radiation can affect rooftops, particularly flat ones or those with flat membranes, that are exposed to a high amount of direct sunlight.

Ultraviolet Damage to Roofing

What happens when a roof is exposed to such strong UV radiation over time is a change and breakdown of the chemicals in the roof’s material. When enough chemical breakdown occurs, the roofing material is prone to allowing water to seep through.

Types of Roofing Prone to UV Damage

All roofs are at risk of ultraviolet light damage, but those with flat membranes, materials made of EPDM, Modified Bitumen, BUR or TPO, and/or asphalt shingles are at particular risk for premature roof degradation.

In the case of asphalt shingles, the molecular changes caused by strong sun rays leave them at high risk of cracking and brittleness. When combined with the thermal shock (the expansion and contraction of the material triggered by hot and cold temperature fluctuations) that occurs in the hot summer months, these types of roofs are at higher than average risk of UV-related damage.

How to Protect Against UV Light Damage to Roofs

To give your roof the best chance of lasting longer under the Colorado sun, make sure a roof coating is applied, which drastically reduces the temperature of your roof, fixes and seals leaks, and ward off degradation to increase the roof’s lifespan.

Also consider replacing your roof with a metal roof (learn more about the many benefits of metal roofing here).

Finally, make sure to have your roof inspected regularly by a professional, who can check for the signs and symptoms of a damaged roof and provide the information you need to file an insurane claim.

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