The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s time to deck the halls — and the roofs. Festive decorations on the roof are a great way to add holiday cheer to your home, especially since up to 40% of your house’s exterior typically shows as roofing. But before you get started, be sure to read our roofing technicians’ top five safety tips to keep you and your roof safe this holiday season.

    1. Inspect and test all lights before you hang them
      Check every strand of lights for any broken bulbs, frayed wires, or other damage that may cause problems. Also make sure to plug them in inside and see if they still work before you go through all of the efforts of hanging them up!


    1. Make sure your roof is clean and safe
      If your decorations require you to climb on top of the roof, use extreme safety precautions and watch your every step. Make sure that all electrical lights are well away from power lines and that your gutters are clean to minimize the risk of accidents. Check for moss and other materials that could cause you to slip and fall right off the roof.


    1. Use plastic clips that won’t damage your shingles
      It’s every roofing technicians‘ worst nightmare to see homeowners using staple guns or metal nails on their shingles or tiles, which can leave them permanently damaged and require roof repairs come spring. Opt for removable plastic clips instead to hang the lights without worry.


    1. Opt for LEDs
      If you’re in the market for new lights this year, consider going with LED lights, which are more energy-efficient and durable than traditional lights. They usually cost a little bit more up front, but will end up saving you money in the long run.


  1. Set a timer
    There’s no reason to leave your lights on all night long. Set them to a programmable timer to minimize your energy use and reduce the risks of malfunctions that might happen while you’re asleep.

Decorating your home is a great way to ring in the holidays, but be sure to to do so in a way that keeps you, your family, and your roof itself safe. That way, you can count the roof over your heads as one more thing to be grateful for this year.

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