Everyone who’s ever purchased a home here knows just how important it is to have an impact resistant roof in Denver. Besides the usual rain, sleet, snow, and occasional tornado warnings, hail damage is also a serious threat to Colorado homeowners. While you may understand that you need impact resistant roofing products for your home, what you may not realize is that you have options. Here’s your guide to choosing between two of the most common materials for impact resistant roofs: concrete tile and stone coated steel.

Concrete Tile
Concrete is one of the most durable roofing materials around. Today’s concrete tiles can be manufactured to imitate the look and appearance of other materials like wood, clay, or slate, while still providing the durability and strength of impact resistant roofing products. With a wide variety of colors to choose from and a proven track record, concrete tile is a suitable choice for the variable climate and weather conditions of this area of the country. Concrete tiles often last 50 years or more, but because of their weight, your home structure may require additional support to have concrete tiles installed.

Stone Coated Steel Tiles
Another resilient choice for impact resistant roofing is stone coated steel. Like concrete tiles, the stone coating can be painted to make these metal tiles look just like other materials and match the aesthetic of the rest of your home. Additionally, are often more affordable and lightweight than concrete. They’re also a popular pick for the eco-conscious consumer, as they are often made with recyclable materials, can help deflect sunlight to reduce cooling costs in the summer, and are 100% recyclable after their long, useful lives.

Ultimately, the type of material you choose may depend on the scope of your house itself. Talk with your insurance company about any possible discounts or assistance you may be able to receive by upgrading your current roof to one with impact resistant roofing products. Then, call us at Advanced Roofing Systems to learn more about your choices and help improve the safety and longevity of your home and your roof.