Accidents happen. That’s why we have insurance. Homeowner’s insurance is especially important, as damage to your property can often end up being extremely expensive. Water damage can cost $2,386 to fix, on average. Fire and smoke damage may reach $4,172. And wind damage can cost significantly more — an average $5,757, though sometimes totalling $10,000 or more.

The areas most commonly affected by weather-related damage, not surprisingly, are roof systems. Whether you’re missing shingles from a wind or hailstorm or you’ve discovered a leak in the middle of a downpour, roofing requires special — and often immediate — care.

Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to tell whether it’s worth filing an insurance claim for any damage you notice on your roof. Before you make the insurance call, have a roof company come out to provide an inspection and estimate. Roofers in Denver are experienced in detecting damage from hail and will be able to tell you whether insurance is likely to cover the cost of repairs or not.

If you do proceed with an insurance claim, the insurance adjuster will also need to come out and inspect the damage. Many times, the roof company may want to be there for the insurance inspection, too.

The insurance company will provide you with an estimate of costs and how much they’re willing to cover. If you’re lucky, you may be eligible for an entire roof replacement because of a few mangled tiles. Roof installation takes around three to four days on an average-sized roof.

On the other hand, you may take this as an opportunity to improve your roof’s energy efficiency. Roof products that are Energy Star certified deflect more of the sun’s rays, which can lower surface temperatures by as much as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. That cooling translates to less heat infiltrating the inside of your home, and cooler temps inside without cranking the air conditioning.

When you have insurance on your side, roof damage could actually be a blessing in disguise. Don’t let damage get you down — talk with a roof company today for a consultation.